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Philadelphia Air Conditioning Repair: Article About Benefits Of Whole Home Air Conditioners

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Despite cold temperatures and harsh winters, Philadelphia also experiences some hot and humid summers. When the temperature rises into the low 80s and higher, homeowners will want an air conditioner system capable of keeping their homes at the perfect temperature. Some people still rely on window and wall units that do not produce enough cool air and may actually make a home feel warmer. A Philadelphia air conditioning repair company can install a new AC unit that customers will enjoy, but homeowners may first want to think about how a central system compares to other types of air conditioners and the benefits of those systems.

The most common types of split system air conditioners are window, wall and portable units. Portable units are, by nature, able to be moved. Often used by those who rent an apartment or house, these units can be taken with residents when they move. Window units fit right inside most windows, and wall units usually require some cutting and more involved installation. These units can usually only cool one to two rooms at a time, and many homeowners will find that they need multiple units throughout their homes, which can lead to high energy bills.

A central AC unit is usually a much better option for most.

An air conditioning professional from Fahrenheit of Philadelphia would be happy to answer any question you have about air conditioning replacement or central air ductwork.

Also known as a ducted system, it forces cool air through the ducts and vents in the house to provide cooler air in all rooms. These systems have a higher SEER rating or number than window and wall units do, which means that those systems use less energy or electricity. This helps homeowners keep their cooling bills lower during hot summers.

Central systems can also work as part of an effective HVAC system that provides both hot and cold air as needed. The installer can connect the system back to the thermostat in the house, which allows users to press a button or adjust a switch to lower or raise the temperature in the house.

Some homeowners worry that they cannot afford to upgrade the system in their homes, but many find that the cost is worthwhile when they compare the installation costs to their energy bills. The amount of time it takes to install a unit varies based on the size of the home, whether it has existing ductwork and whether the home needs any additional work. A trained technician can explain the installation process to homeowners and help them better understand the benefits of installing a new unit.

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