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Some homeowners think that cleaning an AC is so easy that anyone can do it, and they might find themselves paying thousands of dollars to repair the damage they did during routine cleaning. HVAC systems are incredibly complicated and complex systems with dozens of components and parts that aren't visible with the naked eye. Something as simple as knocking a screwdriver against a small part can damage the system so badly that it requires a professional repair. It's no wonder that many homeowners turn to Philadelphia air conditioning repair companies when it comes time to clean their systems.

The best time to clean an air conditioner is during the spring. Though many people take the time to prepare their HVAC systems for the long winter months, many assume that it will work right when they turn it up on that first warm day of summer. Small animals can build nests inside the units, melting snow and ice can push debris inside, or the filter could become clogged with garbage. Cleaning and inspecting the air conditioner in the spring ensures that it's ready for use all summer long.

An air conditioning repair professional from Fahrenheit of Philadelphia would be happy to answer any question you have about central air ductwork or AC diagnostics.

While there are some things that homeowners can do and parts they can clean on their own, many are unsure of what requires professional attention. The only things homeowners should do is check the filter, turn on the condenser and inspect the unit for minor damage. A central air system features a large metal cover that completely surrounds and protects all the parts of the AC. If the metal shows any signs of wear or tear or has any dents, it might indicate some damage to the components inside. Homeowners can also check the filter for any debris and adjust the condenser to the proper setting for their homes.

Professionals have a better understanding of how all the parts in an AC system work. They know that damage to the blower, including debris wrapped around the blower or dents in the blades, can stop it from moving and circulating air. They can also identify loose wires and broken screws that prevent air from moving between the hot and cold coils. The inspection process may also reveal that the unit is too small for the house or that the condenser is set to the wrong level. As homeowners usually cannot identify all signs of damage and make all repairs, it's usually best to let a professional clean the air conditioner.

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