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Without air conditioning, it's impossible to stay comfortable during the summer in Philadelphia. The average temperature in the area in July is just over 78 degrees, but temperatures of 90 degrees and higher are not unusual. When paired with high humidity, the heat can be truly unbearable. Fahrenheit Inc offers a full lineup of dependable air conditioning services. Our factory-trained technicians are experts in installing, repairing and tuning up all brands and types of equipment.

Maintaining cool temperatures in homes and businesses makes it easier to get through the balmy summer months. Escaping from the heat isn't just about staying comfortable, however; it's often a way to stay healthy. Our techs recently made an emergency call to the home of a local elderly couple. The husband was in poor health and relied on an oxygen tank. Temperatures in their home had soared due to a broken air conditioner. The Fahrenheit team was able to get their equipment up and running again quickly, and the customer suffered no ill effects.

At Fahrenheit, we don't just perform air conditioning services to make money. We do it because we personally know what a difference effective, efficient air conditioning can make. Even if your equipment is running, it may not be working as optimally as it should. Without regular maintenance, an air conditioner can lose up to five percent of its efficiency per year. Fahrenheit offers preferred service plans that simplify the process of keeping heating and cooling equipment in tip-top shape.

Whether you'd like to replace your existing air conditioner with a new, more efficient model or are interested in paying a low annual fee for regular service and free emergency repairs, Fahrenheit can help. Our certified, experienced technicians will take your needs and budget into consideration in order to devise the perfect home cooling solution. If your air conditioning stops working at any time, we will be there right away. If you'd like to avoid replacing your equipment for as long as possible and want to maintain its efficiency in the meantime, our tune-ups can make it happen. Don't let the heat get the best of you this summer; call Fahrenheit instead.

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