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Waiting for HVAC problems to occur is a recipe for disaster, and assuming everything is fine just because the heater and air conditioner are working is impractical. Like any expensive equipment, air conditioners, heaters and other systems need to be properly maintained. Regular cleanings, inspections and minor repairs go a long way toward keeping HVAC equipment operating efficiently and effectively. In the Philadelphia metro area, Fahrenheit is the leader in HVAC service plan contracts.

After having a new air conditioner or furnace installed, people often have good intentions. They usually intend to have routine maintenance performed in the fall and spring. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way. Before too long, years have passed and no maintenance has been done at all. All the while, efficiency steadily decreases and effectiveness suffers.

If you'd like to continue getting the most bang for your heating and cooling buck, it's in your best interests to have maintenance performed regularly. Fahrenheit's service plans make it easy. After being in business for nearly 30 years, we've learned a lot. We've discovered that customers appreciate the convenience of our award-winning preferred service plans, which are available for commercial equipment and residential equipment.

The benefits of our maintenance contracts, which include fall and spring service, free preferential emergency service during regular business hours and guaranteed flat-rate repair quotes, speak for themselves. A longtime customer of ours had a new Carrier furnace installed 10 years ago. She immediately enrolled in a service plan, so tune-ups were regularly performed on her equipment. All these years later, she hasn't had to deal with a single repair, and her furnace continues to operate as efficiently as it did upon installation. Meanwhile, a neighbor of hers hasn't had such good luck with her furnace, which is the exact same model. She didn't opt for a service plan, so little or no maintenance has been performed. Through the years, she's spent untold amounts of money to keep her furnace running.

Signing up for service contracts with Fahrenheit couldn't easier, and the perks are out of this world. There isn't a better way to ensure the ongoing effectiveness and efficiency of your HVAC equipment.

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