When shopping for air conditioning equipment Carrier is one of the best manufacturers that you can find. Specifically the Carrier 24ABC6 air conditioning unit is a great option for many of the homes in the Philadelphia area. The Carrier 24ABC6 air conditioner is graded with a rating of up to 17 SEER and is an energy star certified piece of equipment. Being energy star certified means that the 24ABC6 meets federally mandated guidelines regarding energy efficiency. This can mean great things for your energy bills should you choose to have the 24ABC6 installed in your home. You can start the conversation today with one of Fahrenheit’s expert technicians to determine if this air conditioning system is the right fit for your home and needs.

When looking for the installation of a 24ABC6 Carrier air conditioning unit, you can rely on Fahrenheit to provide you with a free quote for the work to be completed. We work with your schedule to find the best time for you, both evenings and weekends are available to schedule your free air conditioning installation quote. Not only do our technicians offer free quotes on the installation of 24ABC6 air conditioning units, but they are equipped to handle the repair of these same air conditioning units. If you are looking to have your air conditioning unit repaired, contact Fahrenheit today to begin the process.

Talking with an expert is the best way to determine which piece of equipment is going to be the best for your usage. The 24ABC6 air conditioning unit manufactured by Carrier’s technical specifications can be found directly on the Carrier website. There you can find SEER rating, compressor type and cooling SEER. For any other questions in the Philadelphia area, submit a form, start a chat or call Fahrenheit today!

The Carrier 24ABC6 Model Air Conditioner is an up to 17 SEER system. SEER rating quantifies the energy efficiency of the air conditioning unit. The SEER rating for the 24ABC6 model air conditioning unit makes it an energy star certified system meaning that home owners who have the 24ABC6 air conditioning unit installed will experience greater energy efficiency than those who opt for the standard unit types. There are a number of factors which go into the overall energy efficiency of a system outside of the unit itself. Ductwork, insulation and numerous other factors can effect the energy efficiency of an AC system, speak with a professional to determine what is best for your home.

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The Carrier 24ABC6 air conditioner comes with one of Carrier’s outstanding warranties. There is a 10 year parts limited warranty upon timely registration. Fortunately for customers of Fahrenheit, warranty information is registered so that there is no further action required from the customer’s end to be able to enjoy this manufacturer warranty.

The 24ABC6 model air conditioner from Carrier is most frequently installed with FX4D coils for complete climate control solution in a residential setting. If you are also interested in heating installation in the Philadelphia area, contact Fahrenheit for a free quote of both the air conditioning unit and heating component of your HVAC system.


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