Winter can be one of the most harrowing seasons for us, socially, emotionally, and financially. It seems, despite our best guesses, that the weather only grows colder and more erratic with each year that passes. When it gets extremely cold outside, the likelihood that your home’s heater will fail increases as well. In those more dire instances, as you’re awaiting the emergency HVAC services of Fahrenheit HVAC, near Bucks County and the surrounding areas, we want you to recall some of these tips to avert the worst and conserve the warmth.

Utilize Your Household Linens

Assuming that your home is now without a functional heater, the temperature in the space you’re occupying will be rapidly dropping (as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit within a 12-hour span). Your first response to this impending loss of heat should be acquiring every towel or blanket that you can spare. Rolling up this piece of fabric, line it along the base of any threshold that opens to the outside.

Unless the curtains in your home face the South and the sunset, then you should eliminate any heat that may be lost by keeping them closed. As you move between the different rooms in your home, designate one central location as your base of operations until your heater or boiler is repaired by a local HVAC company near Bucks County. If you’re a hiker of the outdoors and you have a tent on hand that’s sufficiently large, you may even want to erect it indoors so as to minimize the discomfort of the cold air and circulate your body heat.

Activate Your Generator

Lacking heating or electric, you may want to take advantage of a home generator unit. Ranging from the larger units that run on your home’s supply of natural gas or propane and smaller, more portable backup units, generators can allow you access to all your space heaters and other electronics.

When operating a generator unit, do not house said generator inside of your garage or enclosed spaces. Without proper ventilation, exhaust will quickly accumulate, endangering the health and safety of anyone nearby.

Dust Off and Light Up Your Fireplace

When our modern conveniences fail us, we can’t ignore the resources of the past—namely, the fireplace. If your home has been equipped with a fireplace and chimney, ensure that you inspect and clean out your system before you begin burning any firewood. As always, be wary of any materials that venture too close to the fireplace—conserving your supply of wood as necessary.