4 Quick Fixes for Drafty Rooms in Your Home

The problem is as old as homes themselves, drafts which find their way through vulnerabilities in your home ruin its comfort. Not only are you faced with uncomfortable hot and cold spots throughout your home, but then homeowners are faced with a higher PECO bill due to increased energy costs. This is why our expert HVAC contractors in Bucks Conty, Philadelphia and Montgomery County are offering their professional tips to keep your home comfort all year-round. Many think that drafts are only a winter problem, but this is not true! Your energy bills can shoot through the roof due to increase air conditioning costs during the summer.

#1. Caulk Old Drafty Windows

Windows are a number one culprit for residential drafts. Our first tip can offer a big boost and for less than $10. Drafty windows result from a window being installed in a misfitting frame. To the naked eye, it may seem that the window looks perfectly fine, however; these small gaps allow air to flow through infiltrate your home. By caulking the seams that contain gaps in your windows, these small gaps are eliminated stopping the draft from entering.

#2. Caulk Baseboards and Trim

Don’t put that caulk away just yet! When eliminating drafts, caulking is a go to tool. However, do you normally consider caulking your baseboards and trim? Many people do not. Other sections of your home may not be as well insulated as the most lived in rooms within the home. Caulking trim and baseboards will help to prevent this, while also assisting in identifying where the draft issue is originating from.

#3. Purchase A Door Draft Cover

Available at most major retailers online for less than $20, a cover for the bottom of your door is an easy and inexpensive way to reduce a large amount of draft. In addition to windows, doors are another major culprit of drafts in the home. By eliminating the gap between the bottom of the door and floor, external air will be prevented from entering the home.

While many homeowners may think of a door draft cover, many are unaware of the potential drafts that can result from fireplaces. For the roughly $50, one can find a fireplace draft cover at most major retailers online. Utilizing the fireplace cover will help to further reduce draft and the cost to keep your home at a comfortable living temperature.

Hopefully for your home one of our quick and inexpensive draft solutions will be sufficient to return comfort to your home. It is important to remember, that insulation is the base of which your home’s comfort is constructed on as well. For this reason, if you do not have proper insulation even the most efficient system on the market will not provide you with the level of comfort, or energy efficiency, that you are looking for. If your HVAC system is not the issue and you continue to have draft issues within your home, it would be recommended to speak with a home insulation expert in your area.