Winter in the Northeast is, undeniably, the most trying season for any homeowner. Between the hectic pace of the holidays and the almost unbearable depths of the temperatures, it’s a miracle that we endure it at all. As a proud and loyal HVAC company that serves areas like Montgomery County, we bring our heating services and expertise to our customers every year, despite how harsh and cold it gets.

With locals and their heating systems in mind, we wanted to share some simple tips that will help you to stay warm through the coldest months of the winter season:

Your Annual Maintenance 

Ask yourself how long ago it was that you scheduled an inspection of your home’s heating system. If you can’t remember when that was or which company you used, it’s a good idea to contact a local expert for a consultation, free of charge. One of our certified experts will inspect your HVAC system as a whole, gauging how efficiently it’s been heating your house.

Change Out Your Air Filter 

Here the science is simple: the more you utilize your heating system, the more air flows through and debris accumulates. Having an especially dirty air filter can hamper your heating, making it work that much harder to warm up your living spaces. Replacing your air filters will increase the longevity of your heater.

Utilize Your Programmable Thermostat 

With a programmable thermostat in your home, you can specify when your heater kicks on and what temperature it maintains throughout the day and night. One of the greatest advantages of a programmable thermostat—you don’t have to waste energy heating up an empty, unoccupied home.

Insulate As Much As Possible 

When you think about it, all that separates you and the winter winds is a window, your walls, and your flooring. By acquiring and laying down extra insulation around your windows, rugs for those wooden floors, etc., you’ll decrease the amount of heat that’s needlessly lost.

Have Your Ductwork Inspected 

As disastrous as any lack of insulation, a leak in your ductwork can allow heated air to escape your home. In the process, you’ll be exposed to contaminated air from your basement or crawlspace, as it disperses throughout your home.

By following these tips, you’ll be sure to endure the rest of the winter of 2018. If you ever want a hand or an extra pair of eyes, you can always call upon our heating installation experts near the Bucks County area.