Do you find yourself turning on the home air conditioning system a little more frequently than you have in the past? You are not alone. Not only is central air conditioning use on the rise now, but is also expected to increase 59% by the year 2050. This expected increase was discovered in a new analysis from Climate Central that shows rising heat is the cause for increased air conditioning use within the United States.

An analysis of 242 United States cities showed that climbing temperatures are sharply increasing instances of cooling-degree days. Cooling-degree days are a measure of when the outdoor temperature reaches a level high enough that requires many people to turn on their air conditioning system. This number is calculated based on the temperature difference between the average daily temperature and 65 degrees. Sixty-five degrees is utilized because it is considered a standard comfortable temperature by meteorologists. If a location has an average temperature of 90 degrees, it is considered that there are 25 cooling-degree days in that location. The higher the amount of cooling-degree days, the more frequently residents are turning on their air conditioning units and the more electricity they are utilizing to keep their home at a comfortable level.

Another aspect to consider is not only can electric use increase, but as the use of the system increases it may reduce the lifespan of the system itself. Additional heavy usage makes it even more important to find a air conditioning company in Philadelphia that can complete regular maintenance to ensure that the system is able to handle the increased workload that is being placed on it.

Climate Central examined 242 American cities from 1970 to 2019 and found that 96% of these cities are experiencing more cooling-degree days than they were experiencing during the 1970’s. Philadelphia’s numbers saw an increase of roughly 20-30% more cooling-degree days when comparing 1970 to 2019. This corresponds with what we at Fahrenheit are currently experiencing. The summer of 2020 has been one of the busiest air conditioning seasons that we have ever experienced which makes sense when one takes a look at the temperature data from the past year, as well as studies such as these which indicate an increase in the cooling-degree days.

The largest takeaways that Philadelphia residents should have from this information is that if they have a central air conditioning system it is becoming more crucial to find a reliable air conditioning company who will be able to properly maintain and tune up your air conditioning system. If you will be calling upon your central air conditioning system more and more as cooling-degree days increase, the lifespan of your AC could be decreased. Having a trustworthy company to provide you with service can help to keep your central air conditioning running through the hottest portion of the season and make sure you are not left without during long strings of cooling-degree days.