If you’re a home or business owner, there’s a good chance that you’ve taken a peek or two at your space’s boiler unit. However, what that sight means varies greatly, person to person. But unless you’re a trained and certified HVAC professional and able to carry out heating services in any residence or commercial property, you may need a word of advice on what to look for when inspecting your boiler.

In Bucks County, we offer our exceptional and affordable heating services and industry insights to everyone we can. In fact, we’d like to offer some signs that your boiler might need to be inspected or repaired by a professional.

Bangs and Booms

As you lounge, cook, or sleep in your home during the winter, you probably hear your heater or boiler turning on periodically throughout the day. Once your boiler roars louder than your TV or laptop, you should raise an eyebrow, then a foot, and listen closer to the unit.

Abnormalities often mean buildups of guck, dust, or other particles, causing your boiler to cough through its operation. A loud boiler is far from efficient—burning up your dollars every moment that passes. Residents and businesses in Bucks County should schedule a boiler repair or inspection with one of our technicians once you’ve heard these sounds.

Cold Radiators

Your boiler may be running without booming like a tractor-trailer, but why bother running it at all if your radiators never heat up? When you can’t feel any heat emanating from your radiator, you should first inspect the underbelly of it. A HVAC technician could easily weed out the radiator, especially if there’s a buildup of air impeding the flow of heat.


If your boiler has a tendency to turn itself off in spite of that temperature on your thermostat, it may warrant a closer inspection. Your problem may be limited to the thermostat, electronics on the boiler unit, or lower water pressure within the plumbing.

An Unusual Odor

As alarming as loud noises, any foul or abnormal smells from your boilers may indicate that you need more than a boiler repair—you need to evacuate the premise! Gas leaks and CO2 should not be underestimated.

Fahrenheit HVAC’s technicians can assess, replace, and repair any malfunctioning or inefficient boiler unit.