Homeowners always struggle when deciding to repair or replace their HVAC system. Often, you can make a repair and avoid the higher cost of replacement. But, at what point should you replace rather than repair your HVAC?

Here are five questions to ask when dealing with a HVAC repair company. The answers will help you make the decision on whether to repair or replace your system:

#1 How much is the cost of the repair for an HVAC system?

Here’s a rule of thumb. If the cost of a repair is over one-half the cost of replacement, you should replace. That cost usually involves a major system component. If that component breaks, other components are not far behind. It’s better to get a new system.

#2 How old is the HVAC system?

As an HVAC system ages, it starts to lose efficiency. Parts start to wear out. Routine maintenance can help slow this process down, but it doesn’t stop it. If your HVAC is 15 to 20 years old, you should start budgeting for a replacement. You can make minor repairs year after year, but replacement is inevitable.

#3 How many repairs have been paid for in the past couple of years?

Repairs get more frequent the closer you get to the end of the HVAC system’s life. It will start out as a minor repair every year or two. Then it could be something more serious once a year. Then, twice a year. If you need to call your local HVAC repair company a few times a year, it’s time to replace.

#4 Is the HVAC system costing more to run each year?

Older heating systems need more energy to run. As their components wear out, they have to work harder and longer to keep your home comfortable. If your energy bills have been going up, it’s likely your HVAC system using more energy. A brand-new system is going to be more efficient as efficiency requirements have improved over the years.

#5 Has the HVAC system been well maintained?

You may not need to replace a 20-year-old heating system that’s been well maintained. On the other hand, you may need to replace a 10-year-old heater with a poor maintenance record. If you’ve owned the system since it was installed, you know its maintenance history. If not, the best way to tell if you should replace it is to ask a professional HVAC technician such as those at Fahrenheit.

The answers to these questions will help you decide whether you need a repair or a replacement. If you want a second opinion on the matter, contact Fahrenheit Heating & Cooling today.

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