Having worked in the HVAC industry for over two decades years, we’ve ceased to be surprised by the fact that our customers don’t know all that much about their furnaces or in-house heaters. Rather than condescend or hoard all of our knowledge and experience, we feel a duty to do everything we can to educate and alert our customers as to the state of their heating units.

You Can’t Remember When You Installed It

If it so happens that you simply cannot remember when you bought and had your house’s heater installed, that’s a major hint that you may want it at least inspected—if not repaired or replaced altogether. Our HVAC specialists have performed heater replacements for tons of customers in Philadelphia County and surrounding areas. Generally speaking, we’d recommend that you replace your home’s heater once every 15 years. You can easily check when your heater was manufactured by finding its serial number, usually in the upper right corner.

Your Home Isn’t Heating Up

Though you may laugh at the thought, it’s possible to overlook how long your heater takes to heat up your home. If the air you feel in your home is on the colder side of the spectrum, the motor inside may be malfunctioning. If you don’t feel any hot air or water anywhere in your house, there’s a chance a pilot light or thermostat is causing you some nuisance. It’s no mystery to any of our qualified technicians, but not everyone is home enough to know if something’s wrong with their heating until they’re struggling to sleep at night.

Your Heating Bill Has Spiked

Once your utility or gas bill jumps, you should be thinking about the longevity of the home heater. Whether it’s a lazy Saturday afternoon in November or the middle of a snowstorm in January, Fahrenheit HVAC is there for you with our emergency HVAC services—covering Philadelphia County, and the larger region. We’ll be able to evaluate your home’s heater the moment we arrive and tell you if it’s past its prime. Should you want to bring your utility bills back down to earth, we’ll even give you a free estimate on our services that very same day.