For many years, our heater repair techs have heard the familiar signs of HVAC death, which often requires a full unit replacement. The cost may be worth it to avoid going without in a cold, blistering winter, but if you work with a furnace repair company, you may be able to fix your unit before it suffers a complete heater failure.

The following furnace problems signal that something’s wrong, and you should get repairs right away to keep your home as comfortable as possible.

Signs of Furnace Problems and Repairs You May Need

When you spot an issue with your furnace, check to see if it’s one of these warning signs and get repairs from a certified heating repair company.

Funky Furnace Odors

If you haven’t turned on your furnace since last year, you’ll likely detect a burning smell, which is typically dust burning up that’s been sitting around in your unit. This smell goes away after a few minutes, but if not, you should turn off the furnace right away.

You may want to inspect the unit to see where the smell is coming from, but this could also be dangerous if it’s a gas leak. You’ll need to get the unit inspected and repaired by a heater repair company. This guarantees that you won’t place your family in harm’s way by running what could be a leaky furnace.

Furnace Won’t Kick On

After several years, a furnace will have more difficulty turning on as fast as you like. However, it should turn on within a few minutes. If you have to turn it off and on to run your heater, then you likely need a tune-up.

Damaged thermostats and poor wiring typically cause these issues, but it may also be the blower motor or gas valve issue. It’s important to replace the part quickly, but you’ll likely need an expert HVAC technician to help.

Blows Lukewarm Air

If your furnace simply doesn’t blow hot air, then something’s wrong. Your unit isn’t doing its job properly if you don’t feel heat throughout your home with the furnace on. While it could be your thermostat settings, we’ve found that it’s often a leak in the ductwork or a failing furnace unit that can’t produce hot air.

Squealing, Whistling & Other Noises

All furnaces make a lot of noise when they first turn on, but if you notice something strange, such as a screeching or squealing, then you should shut off the unit and call for repairs. There may be a belt or fan loose that will drain your power without providing any warm air.

Additionally, banging, groaning, whistling, and other noises could mean a broken part or loose internal elements. These will need to be replaced soon, as your furnace could break suddenly and stop working completely.

Tripping Carbon Monoxide Detector

All furnaces come equipped with a carbon monoxide detector that alerts you if there are any toxic gases in the air. If you hear this alarm, then you need to turn off the furnace and open your home’s windows to ventilate before temporarily leaving your home.

You should also consult with your furnace repair company and gas company to see where the gas leak is coming from.

Choose a Top Heating Repair Company

It’s easy to ignore the signs of a bad furnace, but why should you when you have a great heater repair company right around the corner! Fahrenheit Heating & Cooling offers the best rates on service in the area, and you can call us anytime to ask questions about your HVAC unit.