No one is afraid to admit it. They do not WANT to have their central air conditioning serviced if it is working. However, the feeling is much different when that same system gives out on a hot summer day. At Fahrenheit, we see this all too commonly in our neighborhood. For this reason, we’re giving residents in the Philadelphia area three great reasons to save even more by having their systems serviced before the busy summer season. Not only will customers find low rates from HVAC companies because they are not busy, but we’ve also brought three great air conditioning rebates that are currently being offered that can save you even more money!

#1 $25 PECO Rebate For Central A/C Maintenance

Maintenance is a scam right? Just throwing away money? If that were the case, PECO would not be offering customers a $25 rebate so that they can reduce their electrical costs over the course of the summer. Factor in the $25 to a great Pre-Season sale, like Fahrenheit’s where a tune up is just $59, and you can have peace of mind on those hot summer days for less than eating a dinner out. When it comes to reducing your energy bill, one of the biggest steps that you can take is getting a replacement air conditioning system for your home. When you factor in sales, rebates and long-term energy savings, there’s no time like the off-season to have HVAC work done.

#2 Up to $85/ton PECO Rebate For New Central Air System

For many AC systems, it may be too late to take advantage of the great ac maintenance rebate, instead you may have to have your entire system replaced. While a new system will certainly be more than a dinner out, PECO does offer higher rebates for this type of HVAC service. The reason that PECO is willing to offer a higher air conditioning rebate for a system install because of the energy savings that comes from replacing an old unit. Of course, in order to capitalise on this air conditioning rebate, you must purchase a system that meets certain energy efficient requirements.

#3 $15/unit PECO Rebate on EnergySTAR Window Units

Don’t have central air conditioning, but you want to take advantage of some of PECO’s HVAC rebates? Great! PECO is offering $15/unit for EnergySTAR window units. This HVAC rebate must be claimed within 90 days of purchase. You can visit PECO’s page regarding window units for more information. A friendly reminder, that Fahrenheit HVAC does not service, sell or install any window units in, or near, Philadelphia. This rebate is strictly for the benefit of the members of our local community.

However you plan to stay cool this summer, do so with a little more money in your pocket. PECO is always offering incentives to those in the Delaware Valley who are interested in reducing their energy costs. Combine those great HVAC rebates offered by PECO with outstanding Pre-Season sale pricing from a local Philadelphia company like Fahrenheit HVAC and there truly is no better time than today to get ready for the hot summer.