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Get expert service from an A+ BBB-rated, Best of HomeAdvisor, Award-Winning AC installation company. We’re available 24/7 and offer same day service.

Air conditioners have to go the extra mile during the summer, and it’s also why your A/C needs a support staff. That’s also why when anyone searches the web for an air conditioning installation company near me, you’ll see our company show up on the first page of Google . Fahrenheit Heating & Cooling is the top AC installation company in Warminster to call when you are facing problems with your central air conditioning system.

We’re not just any Warminster air conditioning installation company. We believe we are the best because of how we take care of our customers. With over 700 reviews about our AC installation and replacement company we are the local HVAC company servicing the greater Philadelphia area and the counties of Bucks and Montgomery.  If you live in Warminster air conditioning replacement may be the right choice for you and your home especially if you have an older, inefficient unit.

Warminster AC Installation & Replacement Company

When we say at the top, we actually mean it and so that’s why we let our reputation speak for itself. Every summer, temperatures can average into the high 90’s. That’s why you need a Warminster air conditioning installation company that offers high-quality replacements and installations from expert AC technicians who have been serving your area for over 30 years.

Our same day repair, replacement and installation services resolve all kinds of issues in a matter of hours for our customers. That’s how we’ve become a Google Guaranteed, Angie’s Award Winner–and we’re ready to win more awards!

That’s why it’s so important for you to get any A/C problems repaired as soon as possible. You don’t want to wait until the last minute, because it could mean replacing a whole new problem or an entire system.

In the event you need a larger AC repair or even an air conditioning replacement for your home, we have options for every customer, including excellent financing for your air conditioner that covers a variety of brand name HVACs guaranteed to keep you cooler and more comfortable this season.

Call the Pros for Residential AC Installation Serving Bucks & Montgomery County

If you rather call a family owned and operated heating and cooling company in the Warminster area, or search the web for air conditioning installation near me, then look no further. Our AC contractors in Warminster have gone through extensive training including popular and older models for all sorts of units. Here is a short list of just some of the manufacturer brands we install for clients:

  • Carrier AC installation
  • Trane AC installation
  • Lennox AC installation
  • York AC installation
  • Goodman AC installation
  • Bryant AC installation
  • American Standard AC installation
  • Rheem AC installation

AC Installation Warminster Services

Top 5 Summer Cooldown Tricks to Save Money & Energy

1. Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

Did you know that if you reverse your ceiling fan in the summer so it blows counterclockwise in the summer? That’s because the blades push hot air down, allowing your home to efficiently cool off.

2. Keep Your Temperature Comfortable but Not Ice Cold

If your house is warm because your A/C isn’t working properly, that’s one story, but if your A/C is in any need of repairs, you’ll know the second you try to turn the A/C too low in summer temperatures. When HVAC systems have to continuously turn on and off, it can cause severe problems, especially for your condenser.

It makes sense to keep your temperature as high as you can without being too uncomfortable though. Just remember that if you need to cool down your home as quick as possible, you can wear out your system faster.

3. Shaded Windows

Also, you should close the curtains on west-facing and south-facing windows during peak summertime hours. You can also install white window shades, drapes, or blinds to keep heat out by reflecting it away.

Foliage and tree shade also go a long way in the summer. When you’re able to shade parts of your home during sunny afternoons, your A/C won’t have to work as hard.

4. Call A/C Maintenance Before the Heat Wave

In many cases, you don’t know that your HVAC is on its last leg until something breaks. However, there are warning signs. If it takes a long time to cool down your home or if your A/C is constantly running to cool down by 1-2 degrees, as well as screeching noises or frozen condenser, then you likely need maintenance ASAP.

Fahrenheit Heating & Cooling is the top Warminster AC installation company because we install A/C systems that last for many years. Whether you’re in need of professional AC installation or repair or a custom part to revitalize your current system, we’ll provide a free estimate on maintenance and installations so you can see all work to be done.

Our HVAC company services Warminster residents every summer, but our customers are able to beat the heat thanks to same-day service and even AC replacement that completely resolves the issues. We highly recommend reaching out to our Warminster air conditioning installation company before your HVAC unit breaks down during one of the hottest days of the year.

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The Experts for AC Installation Serving Warminster

5. Prepare Your Home for Hot Weather

Air leaks and poor insulation are part of the problem when HVAC systems start breaking down. Here are some things you can check and fix around the home to help your AC run better:

  • Fix air leaks and insulation problems
  • Choose thicker doors and windows
  • Invest in more efficient, high-powered fans
  • Pick thicker curtains, shutters, or blinds
  • Close doors in rooms not being used
  • Ensure doors and windows are properly sealed

Looks for more tips and tricks to stay cool? Check out our blog “5 Ways to Stay Cool During a Heatwave” and “These AC Myths Will Cost You Money“.

Your local AC installation company serving Warminster, Elkins Park, Huntingdon Valley, Warrington, Langhorne and surrounding areas

With brutal heat waves plaguing the country, it is no surprise that you’ll hear your air conditioning unit cycle many times off and on during the day. But just like any other machine, there is only so much use you can get out of your air conditioner before you start asking yourself , how long will my air conditioner last? Of course, it depends on many variables such as if it is a well-made, well-maintained unit, what climate you live in (hotter climates means your AC unit will be working longer throughout the year) and of course, if the heating and cooling company that installed your AC unit measured the appropriate size of unit for your home. The average air conditioning system will last anywhere from 10-20 years depending on these variables. While these are all things to consider, you may not have a choice if your air conditioning unit breaks down in the middle of a heat wave. If you find yourself in this situation, you need an emergency air conditioning installation company in Warminster fast! Talk to the top Warminster AC installation company today for excellent rates on all HVAC installations, replacement and repair.

Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation Services in Bucks, Montgomery & Philadelphia County For Over 30 Years

If you live in Warminster air conditioning installation may be just what you need. We have the highest reviews on Google because we know how to get the job done right the first time. It’s important that your home stays comfortable for you and your family, and we know how to get it done with the proper tools, equipment and knowledge. Don’t wait, call today for immediate service!

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