Service Plans

A broken air conditioner is a disaster in Philadelphia. Besides the discomfort, there’s also the stress that comes with investing in repairs or replacement. To save money, many Pennsylvania homeowners are signing up for HVAC service plans. These include regular air conditioning maintenance and on-call air conditioning service plans, so you won’t need to worry about AC malfunctions ever again.

Fahrenheit offers competitively priced air conditioning service plans. We’ve helped home- and business owners save thousands by preventing HVAC breakdowns, and we can help you, too.

To learn more about our air conditioning service plans, call us.

Heating Only

*As Low As


Our Heating plan includes, but is not limited to:

  • Clean burner & combustion sections
  • Change all air filters
  • Check pilot safety solinoid
  • Perform safety CO2 heat exchanger tests
  • Measure draft and chimney pressures
  • Above pricing for forced air gas system, call for pricing on other system types

Combination Heating & Cooling

*As Low As


Free initial consultation

  • 1 AC Tune Up Visit
  • 1 Heating Tune Up Visit
  • 10-15% Off Repairs
  • Free service call for life of contract
  • Above pricing for Gas powered furnace & AC combination, call for pricing on other system types

Cooling Only


Our AC Service Plan includes, but is not limited to:

  • Check and monitor refrigerant
  • Change all air filters
  • Replace blower pulley belts
  • Clean condensate pumps and check valves
  • Test all safety shutdown systems
  • Lubricate motor and shaft bearing assemblies
  • Ensure thermostat accuracy and anticipator settings

Important Filter Replacement

If you don’t maintain your AC properly, the unit will not perform efficiently and will also use more energy. This costs money, and in the long run, a regular HVAC service plan can reduce those expenses.

One of the most important maintenance requirements is cleaning or replacing the filters. If the filters are blocked or dirty, they will not operate properly and will obstruct the flow of air. If you choose Fahrenheit as your air conditioning company, our technicians will make sure your filters are clean, which can reduce energy cost and prevent irritants from flowing through the air.

Why Regular Air Conditioning Servicing is the Answer

AC units and heating systems are complex which need proper maintenance and care to ensure they work properly and are energy efficient. Regular servicing can extend the system’s lifetime. Choosing a heating company like Fahrenheit allows you to have a go-to call to make when you need service the most.

The more often you use the air conditioner, the more important it is to ensure regular maintenance. An experienced HVAC technician from Fahrenheit can provide a proper air conditioning service to ensure your unit is working at its best.

Save Money With an Hvac Service Plan

Our HVAC service plan provides flat-rate repairs for AC and heating systems. All services qualify for a 10 percent to 15 percent discount.

Contact Fahrenheit to find out more about our unbeatable air conditioning service plan options. We will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your AC is working optimally all year long. Fahrenheit’s 24-hour service department is there to answer all your questions.


  • FREE emergency heating and cooling service
  • Never pay a service fee again
  • Flat Rate heating and AC repair costs- we don’t believe in surprises or hidden fees
  • Incredibly fast response time
  • As a preferred customer you receive an additional 10-15% off, Discounts apply to ALL Services!
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Clean Air Maintenance Visits & Energy Saving Programs
  • Commercial Financing Available
  • Lease/ Purchase Options Available
  • Available for all customers in Montgomery County, Bucks County and Philadelphia, PA as well as Burlington and Camden, NJ
  • Preferred Service plan customer Equipment repair history and billing information available online